BCN3D technologies have come with a new versions for their great 3d printers with significant improvements - the R19 Sigma 3d Printer and the R19 Sigmax 3d printers  (here is a link to the specs), this time both have Filament Sensor to help you avoid "3d printing air" and more important coming with Bondtech extruders and new hotends made by E3D, the Bondtech extruders to whom is not familiar have only benefits which results in better 3d print quality and more reliable prints and actually enable printing the most demanding prints with lots of retractions - the filament is held with two gears and not just by one gear and a bearing as it was in previous versions of the Sigma and is still used in most printers. The other improvement is based on their collaboration with E3D the leading hotend manufacturer in the industry, the head still has the exceleent design of BCN3D which enable great printing quality of almost any filament we are familiar with, now has a stabler temprature and better inner parts finish.

BCN3D Sigma and Sigmax 3d printers have all those hardware improvements and some firmware improvements that come along which are available also in the previous versions (just need to firmware update) and you will be able to print with both heads simultaniuosly saving actually half of the time!

The BCN3D cura version keeps on improving and now you can download from BCN3D also the BCN3D Cura manual that will help you get the most from this great engineering product.